Under Armour Releasing New Apparel Using Taping Technology


Being an athlete doesn’t end at the finish line. It takes hours of training off the playing field as well for each person to perform up to their potential. But oftentimes, when doing lunges, squats or deadlifts, athletes unwittingly use poor form, which can eventually lead to injuries.
Under Armour set out to address this problem by creating a line of apparel that will help guide the muscles through the proper motions to remedy this training deficiency.
Called Powerprint, the small collection of tight-fitting men’s and women’s wear features strategically placed tape that supports and guides muscles through movements.
The technology was created at Under Armour’s innovation center in Portland, Ore., where the company’s designers worked hand-in-hand with the company’s elite athletes as they went through a series of workouts and determined the areas of the body where support and guidance were needed the most.
“It was imperative that our designers understood which muscle groups are in need of extra support,” said Paul Winsper, vice president of athlete performance at Under Armour. “We teamed up and went through the motions of exercises where stability is often compromised.”
He said that while it was created working with elite athletes, Powerprint is intended to help the everyday

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