Rolling With the Punches: Active Ride Shop at Nearly 30


LOS ANGELES — Active Ride Shop is perhaps the biggest little skate shop fleet in Southern California. That is, it’s got the intimacy of the neighborhood shop where associates are friendly and know their customers, but a sizable footprint at 25 doors in the region.
The company in May quietly traded hands to Chatsworth, Calif.-based apparel manufacturer APS Global as Active veteran and president Jenner Heller continues to steer the ship. The company’s already made quick moves to get the business in shape under APS, shuttering five underperforming stores, including an out-of-state location, and is focused on smarter buying and merchandising as the company next year looks to cross the 30-year mark.
“We like the idea of remaining a little big tighter and smaller, really strengthening our positioning in the communities we’re in,” Heller said of the door count. “I think a big part of our brand directive is to really be connected within our communities. What we’ve established and what we want to apply going forward is to just make sure we’re strongly rooted in the communities we’re in. It doesn’t mean there’s not opportunities to enter new communities, but I think we just want to be selective with that.”
The company’s

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