Mexican Vegetarian Burrito Bowl Recipe


Mexican Vegetarian Burrito Bowl when made from scratch at home, It encompasses so many different textures typical of a burrito – but without the fuss of having to wrap it up in a tortilla!

The ingredients used must be fresh and are almost easily available, making it very simple to prepare the components in advance. 

It’s the perfect dish for a one-dish dinner. You can make one large Burrito Bowl if you’re cooking for a large crowd, or smaller, individual burrito bowls if it is just for the family.

The recipe below suggests layering the different components in a dish, but another fun way to serve this Mexican classic is to arrange the components separately like a ‘Burrito Bar’ and allow your guests to choose the toppings and assemble their own bowls. This makes for an interesting party dish, for sure!

Serve the Mexican Vegetarian Burrito Bowl for a wholesome dinner followed by a dessert of Apple Enchiladas

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