Mexican Inspired Vegetarian Oven Roasted Stuffed Pepper Recipe


Oven Roasted Stuffed Peppers are a delightful way to use up leftover rice in an interesting way.

By cooking it with kidney beans, packed with Mexican flavours, a little cheese and roasted on a baking tray, it is also a dish that is easy to prep ahead of time. Simply prepare the stuffing and half-roast the peppers ahead of time, and all you have to do is place the stuffed peppers in the oven 20 minutes before you are ready to serve!

This recipe uses rice, cooked rajma, tomatoes, onions, grated paneer and cheddar cheese, with warm Mexican spices and it is quite an easy recipe to put together. 

Serve the Oven Roasted Stuffed Bell Peppers as an appetizer along with Enchiladas Stuffed With Beans and Tartare Dip Recipe as main course and followed  by a dessert of Sticky Date (Fig) & Walnut Pudding Recipe with Toffee Sauce

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