Malvani Mutton Curry Recipe


Malvani Mutton Curry Recipe is a robust mutton curry, where the mutton requires no marination. With a simple base of onion-tomato flavoured with earthy ginger-garlic, what gives it, its real flavour ithe homemade malvani masala. 

The homemade malvani masala is made using the whole spices that are dry roasted and ground together, lending a lovely aroma to the Malvani Mutton Curry

The tender mutton once coated and cooked in the masala, will literally fall off the bone, a dish that you will want to make for your family this weekend. 

Serve Malvani Mutton Curry piping hot along with some Steamed RiceSeer Fish Fry RecipePickled Onions for a complete Sunday afternoon lunch.

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