European elections 2019: Why the Brexit Party will WIN – Staggering surge REVEALED


THE European elections are less than a month away and the Brexit Party has already leapfrogged over all the parties and seen a staggering surge in support lately. Here’s why the Brexit Party will win in the forthcoming EU elections.

The European elections take place every five years and will commence between May 23 and 26 this year. As Britain is still a member state of the EU, the UK is also preparing for a vote – while at the same time trying to leave the bloc. And with Brexit looming – the Brexit Party has jumped ahead of their rivals ahead of the votes.

Why the Brexit Party will win the European elections

According to Google’s analysing tool Google Trends, which provides information on search queries in Google Search, the Brexit Party has experienced a staggering surge in the search compared to other parties.

At the time of writing, a Google Trends graph that looks at the search interest for the top of the seven most searched political groups in relation to the European elections shows that the Brexit Party tops the search with almost 50 percent.

The graphs saw 47 percent of interest in the European elections is in relation to the Brexit Party.

Change UK comes second in the graph, with 14 percent of the searches.

Completing the top five group is Labour Party with 13 percent of the search, Green at 11 percent and UKIP with nine percent.

The surge in searches for Nigel Farage’s party gives an indication of what people are thinking of voting for in the upcoming elections later this month.

The Brexit Party was only launched last month but has already leapfrogged over all the other parties in the polls.

The party seems to have picked up where UKIP under Mr Farage left off.

Currently, a poll conducted by YouGov between April 23 and 26 is seeing the Brexit Party head the survey with 28 percent of the votes.

This is a massive jump from the last survey, having been on 23 percent in the prior poll.

Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party follows in second place with 22 percent and the Conservatives in third with 13 percent of the votes.

The Tories have lost four percent of the votes from the last poll, which could be an indication that the British people are not pleased with the way the party has handled Brexit negotiations.

The Greens are on 10 percent as are Change UK (from 8 percent in the last survey).

The Lib Dems hold 7 percent percent of the votes and UKIP are on 5 percent down one from six percent in the last poll.

Votes for all other parties stand at 6 percent.

YouGov conducted the survey between April 23 and 26 and 5,412 British adults took part.