Celebrity Stylist Cristina Ehrlich Teams With Cheyann Benedict on Red-Carpet T-shirt Line


Hollywood stylist Cristina Ehrlich, who works with Laura Dern, Natasha Lyonne, Mandy Moore and Uzo Aduba, among others, and fashion veteran Cheyann Benedict are teaming up on a unisex “red-carpet T-shirt” collection called Plays Well With Others, featuring shoulder-pad muscle Ts, “wife-hugger” tanks, oversize crops and other high-fashion silhouettes designed to pair with designer looks.
New York-based Ehrlich had been searching for T-shirts polished enough for her clients to wear at events and award shows, and mentioned it to Benedict when the two reconnected at a dinner party last year. She picked the perfect person to bug about it; Benedict cofounded the colorful California C&C T-shirt line in the early Aughts, which sold to Liz Claiborne in 2005, but felt the laid-back vibe had dumbed down the style too much.
“You walk around nowadays and everyone is wearing T-shirts, but it’s gotten really sloppy. That casual California look has taken over,” said Benedict, who is based in Los Angeles where she used to have her own namesake lifestyle brand. “There are so many reasons I’m loving partnering with Cristina — her eye is sophisticated, timeless and always chic.”
Ehrlich joins the growing ranks of celebrity stylists entering the fashion business with their own

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