Beyond His Dream


“Who can make a statement better than Oprah? This whole world we live in is a dream. And you came to honor me, and I am honoring you because I know most of the people who are in this room and those who I don’t know I am going to know. And I am very thrilled that you are here, I am very thrilled to know you, I’m thrilled about my life, my wife and my family have carried through with me and helped me through all these years. I’m not so glamorous at home, you know. I walk around with a ripped robe — and now towel — but I think I’ve been very lucky to have a family, to have a company that has great people in it. I’m not the one who did all of this; it’s a team. And I don’t say that with anything but truthfully. I have a wonderful team and I like working, I like working with people in my company, I like working with you. Steven [Spielberg], we haven’t worked together, but we’re going to do a movie, right? But I thank you very much, and if I had to have a

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